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Maurice Clermont

Psychologist and psychotherapist for more than 60 years, Maurice Clermont's mission is to accompany anyone wishing to find meaning in his life and acquire personal well-being to live better or die.

This is why, over the years, the secret of his interventions consists in promoting time for oneself, time of silence and moments of sharing in an atmosphere of security and non-judgment.  

A psychologist with an analytical and humanist background, he was trained in California in Gestalt, psychocorporeal work and subtle energies, he taught for several years at Laval University in Quebec City. A psychotherapist for more than 60 years, he lectures and conducts training sessions for health professionals as well as personal transformation seminars in Europe and North America.

« I feel like a passer. I meet people on a shore and help them make a crossing. »

Thanks to his work of accompanying the dying and people in shock of life, which he has made his specialty, he works to ensure that everyone finds the meaning of his life. This approach has led him to follow the teaching of Spiritual Masters and to animate, for 40 years, internships in the Sahara.

The various retreats offered by Maurice Clermont aim to develop our creative intelligence and give back to our life an impulse of movement. Each moment offers a time of contact with nature, moments of sharing, a time of exploration of the body, the emotional and the Spirit.

Recharge our batteries and get in touch with our Wise Interior: The One who knows.

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Maurice Clermont Maurice Clermont Maurice Clermont Maurice Clermont